Snap is a modular upholstered system offering the chance to create highly personalised solutions with an informal look. With a wide range of modules available -in two depths-, users can create a great variety of linear and corner sofa arrangements, together with chaise longues, pouffes, seat pads, ends and centre pieces, even asymmetrical. Snap’s key features are its simple lines, austere shaping and geometric joints, not to mention its highly elegant feel and contemporary proportions. Together, this makes Snap the perfect place for a spot of comfort, thanks also the cushion-inspired design of the backrest, with its extra down padding. The structure can be lifted slightly off the floor or rested on two chrome-plated or burnished metal “L”-shaped feet which match the armrests for length. The shiny flash of metal is a sophisticated detail that elevates the overall design thanks to the contrast with the shadow created between the base and the floor.

  • designed for lema

     / year 2013