Francesco Rota, artistic director of Lapalma, has designed a space at IMM featuring various environments and the same warm and attractive material appeal: orange and dark red shades adorn sofas, poufs, upholstered lounge chairs and panels. The Lapalma space invites visitors to discover some of the design worlds explored by the company in recent years, presented in an elegant and even more versatile outdoor version. From the Lounge world, for which design projects were created focusing on comfort and the utmost versatility, to Home Interior, featuring fluid spaces and contemporary systems, and Café. Not to mention Light Office, which transforms the flexibility of contemporary work into a dynamic, recognisable and light project. Lapalma’s worlds move outdoors and embrace new designs to reach all latitudes and beauty spots on the earth. This is how the new outdoor season is inaugurated.

  • imm Lapalma

     / year 2020