Francesco Rota presented his proposal for the Light Office of Lapalma at Salone del Mobile 2017, the results of an extensive research on the new approach to the workplaces and their interpretations. Among the new pieces by Francesco Rota are: ADD System, Acca Table, Plus Sofa and a collection of cushions - Oort.

ADD modular system, designed for the contract market: a system that matches seating, tables and storage units with a free configuration and customization.
Totally new is the ACCA table, conceived to satisfy the new need in the contemporary office. Versatile, height adjustable and smart, ACCA is a flexible workplace, light and connected.
The art director of Lapalma designed also the new seating system PLUS, for the first time shown to the international public of Salone del Mobile. It is the ideal proposal for lounge areas for the hospitality sector and the residential market. The new concept is about softness and big-heartedness rounded shapes. For a greater comfort, loose cushions can be added: OORT designed by Francesco Rota are flexible, comfortable, and available in 5 sizes.

  • salone del mobile Lapalma

     / year 2017