There are spaces where we spend our time, between one task and another, places where we meet people, we relax, we chat, we organize our day or we simply pass by or wait for an important meeting.
These new contemporary cocoons open the planning of public and private spaces to new interpretations, which are far away from bespoke projects but focused on the idea of “sharing”. We share everything – images, words, thoughts – we are more and more connected and informed.
The new hyper-technological landscape makes designers and manufacturer think about the change, without losing the importance of the person and its need. Intelligent furniture enhances productivity, optimizes costs, helps flexibility, encourages the relationship among people, supports cultural exchange; it stimulates creativity, attract people and, last but not least, it reduces the environmental impact.
Under the art direction of Francesco Rota Lapalma presents its new vision which involve all the living areas: a house with versatile or modular furniture, an office that is no longer a cold computerized room but a space that represents a lifestyle, and new lounge areas.

  • imm cologne

     / year 2015