The Uptown sofa offers many possibilities of free and flexible arrangements. The series is composed of left and right, linear or shaped sectional elements, a chaise longue as well as a pouf. A long back cushion, specially conceived for Uptown, enhance comfort.

The individual modules do not need any coupling to be composed and this allow users to vary easily the composition chosen over time. Instead, they can be arranged individually and even be used alone.

This high adaptability not only allows using Uptown in both big and small spaces, but also placing them self-sufficiently in the middle of a room. Displaying soft rounded edges, the shape is reminiscent of stones smoothed by air and water, softened by the removable upholstery covers. Virtually monolithic in appearance, these elements are suited to residential spaces as well as public areas.

  • designed for Paola Lenti

     / year 2017