Meet Francesco Rota at DSEGNARE in San Francisco

The project started with the idea to create a set of vases as big objects in different heights and diameters to be used into spaces and rooms not like usual vases to be set on tables or sideboards but as important pieces like furniture to decorate spaces, entrances ecc. The design was inspired by handmade italian vases of the 30th. The elementary and clear forms are enhanced by the irregular shaped patterns on the in- and outside of the vases. In contrast to the usual surface treatment the finish of the vases is different for the internal and external part. The outside is soft and just the inside is shiny to enhance the content and to emphasis the hidden inside part of the vase.
urthermore the vases are divided in two parts, the base and the body. The base is circular and made of wood, stone or another material. The body rests on the base without any mounting which gives the possibility to playfully place the body or straight or inclined on the base.

  • manufacturer dsegnare

     / year 2015