KANJI designed for Paola Lenti | 2015

The new dining table started with the idea to create a highly flexible table, to be personalized functionally and esthetically according to its use. The table is entirely made of wood and provides a set of various accessories including rectangular bowls, made of varnished steel, and a white or anthracite stoneware cutting board. It is available in two dimensions and two finishes: natural wood or dyed in grigio ferro colour.
The peculiarity of the table is its central part divided in independent elements. The table offers the possibility to remove the desired number of elements and replace them with the various accessories. Depending on the occasion, the accessories become decorative elements like flowerpots or functional elements to set up the table for a dinner to serve appetizers, fruit, bread etc. According to the composition of the various accessories, the dining table changes its appearance every day. The removed elements can be stored in a compartment existing under the top.
Inspired by the structure of Japanese roofs, the two important beams, which support the top and imbed the two legs, characterize the dining table. The diamond-shaped design on the legs, together with the smoothed edges of the top visually lighten the structure of the table.

  • manufacturer paola lenti

     / year 2015