OPTIC designed for Wallpaper* AfghanMade Carpets & Ignacio Larrain | 2015

OPTIC started with the idea to create a modular carpet, which easily adapts to any context in which it is placed. Therefore the approach was not to think about the carpet as a two dimensional object, designing only the surface, but as a more complex product to decorate and define spaces.
The carpet can be used as single piece, but its trapezoidal shape permits to create different geomatric forms. Combining two rugs it's possibile to create four different compositions  according which sides of the carpet are put together. Adding other pieces increases the possibilities of configurations. This playful way to combine the rug gives a great liberty to interpretate and adapt OPTIC to many different spaces and situations.
The design was inspired by kinetic art, an artistic movement born in the '20s and developed in the '50s and '60s. A form of art that contains movement perceivable by the viewer and depends on motion for its effect.
The graphic pattern of the carpet is caracterised by its clean lines, triangles and color, which enhance the concept of the project. In each composition the graphic changes its shape and its appearance, emphasising the optical illusion of movement typical of kinetic art.

  • manufacturer ignacio larrain

     / year 2015